Christmas Creative Gifts and Home Decorations: Patchouli Home Egypt Christmas Inspirations

Christmas Creative Gifts and Home Decorations: Patchouli Home Egypt Christmas Inspirations

Patchouli Home, is a lifestyle concept store located in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, and is one of your best choices when it comes to buying your Christmas home decorations or Christmas gifts. Unlike other gift stores or online shops, at patchouli home, we can assure you that you will enjoy the in-store shopping experience, the welcoming hospitality, in addition to the styling tips/additional service offered, as well as, the first time-purchase giveaways and/or personalized discounts.


Decorating your home for Christmas can be overwhelming, especially if you are hosting the holiday at your home, so we are making you life easier by sharing with you some home decor inspirations and Christmas gift ideas to spice up your home decor and create your own style!


  • It's all about creating your own cozy corner, making every entry inviting, a pop-up round coffee table also will serve your need in your living room favorite corner, and this year, there is no need for bulky big trees that may accommodate a huge space, especially if you have kids around, it's much better, practical and affordable to have a Mini Christmas Tree.
  • Think out-of-the box and play with colors; if you are a pink color fan, then going for PINK AND SILVER ornaments rather than ordinary red and green colors would be a fun makeover. And though red is still dominant for Christmas tree decorations, yet, this year we are trying to be more creative and limitless, when it comes to colors.


  • You can maximize what you already have from past years, and mingle them with new accents. Restyling our Kilim carpets in a way where we mix and match the pink grey carpet with the pink and silver tree ornaments for a nice pinkish theme.
  • Give your old favorites like this Zebra Kilim Carpet a new life and wild exotic look by making it glow with Christmas lighting bulbs.
  • Layer it with faux sheepskin throw, for more boho-chic cozy vibe and elegant look.
  • Distribute your Christmas cushions randomly to make a contrast. You can add your existing plain cushions to the new 2 or 3 new Christmas cushions for a nice blend.


    • Not to forget, adding scented candles or reed diffuser sticks to spread lovely scent all over the space and lift up your mood.
    • Adding dozens of cuteness with our cute handmade succulent pots wrapped with red ribbons. Adding natural succulent pots would give more greenery and natural vibe to your setup. Surrounding the place with more indoors fake or natural plants is always recommended.
    • Our collection of Christmas accents is ideal for on-the-go easy, quick and creative gift ideas and we fell in love with our Christmas figure this year, which the REINDEER.


    • Use an indirect light like our trendy handcrafted light bulb-holder wire, which is an amazing accessory that we love to place at any holiday. You just put it on a dimmer for a lovely cozy glow and can be placed on any home accent. You can also customize yours based on the wire length and bulbs you need.


      • Impress your guests and create a feast for the eyes with our stunning festive tableware range, we have a collection of table covers, cushions, coasters and mugs that would bring vibes to your dining table.
      • Decorate with white candles
      • Use evergreen in your Christmas centerpiece, handmade succulent pottery, and indulge earthy vibe using ceramic tableware and basket plate-mats.



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