Collection: Patchouli Furniture Pieces: Soft Furniture and Display Stands

Looking for simple, practical & trendy furniture pieces to your home decor, or wooden display stands to your retail store?!! 

Do you struggle for example when you want to buy a shoe rack/cabinet/organizer or find it very expensive and/or too small?!!!

We can hear your frustrations so we responded  quickly, Patchouli Home now offers this fully fledged furnishing service with very competitive prices compared to the local market.

We make your life easier by sharing our trendy inspirations and making custom made furniture pieces tailored to meet your own exclusive taste!

Why Patchouli Home Pieces?!!!

  • We learned throughout our journey, have made good networking channels and supply chain partners, besides being apprecied and for our work, so it's our passion now to give back to our community.
  • We promise to offer you high quality pieces at very competitive prices, as we will make it to fulfill our PASSION.
  • We promise to bring all your inspirations or any references you have or into reality.
  • For all startups, female entrepreneurs and/or even retailers, we offer making wooden display stands and furniture pieces to be used in bazaars, marketplaces and/or retails shops.
  • We are creative millennials with free spirits and free minds, we will make your life easier as there are no limits towards our inspirations, so you can trust our taste.
  • We are open to new creations and fresh ideas, our production includes but not limited to a variety of:
  • Custom made shoe racks and organizers,
  • Store display stands and hangers;
  • Dressing rooms; 
  • Storage units;
  • Coffee corners;
  • Terrace/rooftop furniture;
  • Kids furniture pieces (baby furniture stuff, organizers, bedding,...etc)