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Basil Oil: Pure Essential Oil

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Basil Essential Oil, also called Sweet Basil Essential Oil, is derived from the leaves of the Ocimum basilicum botanical, better known as the Basil herb. This plant receives its name from the Latin word basileus as well as the Greek word basilikón phutón, which means “royal plant,” hence Basil is also known as the Queen of Herbs or l'herbe royale, meaning “royal herb" in French. It may also be referred to as Saint Joseph’s Wort, Great Basil, European Basil, French Basil, Common Basil, or Sweet Basil. Several religions and spiritual beliefs practice rituals that emphasize the significance of the use of Basil. Throughout history, the Basil herb, believed to have a fortifying effect on a person’s mind and emotions, has been used for multiple applications and was thus made in multiple forms, including teas, dried powders, and oils. The natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-depressant, and diuretic qualities of Basil made it a common component in the traditional medical practices of Asia, such as in India, where it was known as “Tulsi” and was thought of as sacred. Traditionally, Basil leaves – even its essential oil – found their main uses in cooking worldwide, as it was reputed to eliminate harmful bacteria and odors. Basil and its derivatives were popular ingredients in beverages and Italian foods, such as pizza, pasta, and salads. They continue to be popular ingredients in pickled or fermented foods, sauces, pastes, condiments, and meats. Furthermore, they have come to be common additions to perfumes as well as oral hygiene products. Thanks to a multitude of therapeutic properties, Basil Essential Oil is one of the most important essential oils in aromatherapy. Sensera Aromatherapy will walk you step by step through the benefits of Basil essential oil and how to include its focusing and mind-clearing effects in your daily rituals. 


1. A natural tonic for nerves, stress, and emotional strain, by giving you a natural energy boost and allowing you to focus.

2. Basil Essential Oil is considered anti-bacterial/anti-viral, it acts as an expectorant and it helps to fight colds and cough.

3. Basil Essential Oil can be used in relieving headaches.

4. Can help to ease digestive complaints due to its carminative properties.

5. Basil Essential Oil is well-loved as a mind-clearing oil for spiritual meditation.

6. It is useful for easing tension and feelings of muscle aches.

7. Beneficial for repairing skin especially acne-prone skin and balancing its tone. 8. Promote the feeling of healthy and soft hair.