Corporate Giveaways & Gifts

Our carefully curated gift box

 A gift set for corporate giveaways, VIP clients and events would make a unique and creative gift set that can be offered to please anyone.

With our different collaborations, strategic partnerships and different network connections, we offer a trendy, distinctive assortment of handmade products, tailored and branded as per customer needs.

Our General Collection of Giveaways

Handcrafted Scented-Candle ,Handcrafted Succulents Pots ,Printed Mugs
Coasters, Notebooks,..etc
Handcrafted Macrame Key Chains


Products are available in different sizes, materials, and colors to be customized as per client needs.

Corporate Giveaways & Gifts process

Feminine Collection for Women International Day March 08 2021:

Printed Plate-mats ,Printed table runners, napkins, makeup bags/pouches
Printed handbags and backpacks