Rose Clay Face Mask


Rose Clay Face Mask .

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Purifying facial mask rich in French Rose essential oil to brighten and firm complexion.

Key Ingredients

  • French Rose Essential Oil

    Diminishes aging skin signs and fine lines. Natural astringent. Tones and firms Sagging Skin.

  • Rose Clay

    Purifies and unclogs pores. Moisturizes and smoothes skin

Product Details

Saskia Rose Clay Face Mask replenishes, detoxes and soothes your face. The miraculous rich Rose Essential Oil calms, protects and firms the skin. It absorbs excess oils, dirt, makeup and harmful toxins from the skin. Exfoliates, cleanses and invigorates the skin while improving blood circulation. Only the best ingredients are used to nourish and replace the pollutant particles with natural minerals and healthy nutrients perfect for sensitive skin. Gentle cleansing action for your irreplaceable face.

How To Use

Place around a teaspoon of powder in a small bowl. Add water drop by drop while stirring gently to get to the required consistency. Apply a layer on the face, avoiding the eyes area and leave to dry for 30 minutes until the clay turns into a light shade of pink. Dust off the pink powder layer by gently moving your fingers in an upward circular motion and rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat to dry. Follow by Saskia Face cream.