Say Hello to Patchouli Home New Family

Say Hello to Patchouli Home New Family

Patchouli Home finally bring together a niche of talented female designers with the aim of inspiring you with our hippie home spirit. Patchouli Home believes that everyone deserves to have a unique vibrant home, by bringing you international trends' inspirations, while promoting women economic empowerment and encouraging the competitiveness of the local market.

Our desire to inspire you and meeting your distinctive tastes, will bring you a joyful, memorable shopping experience, while you sit back and relax like a hippie in a space brightened by statement-making colors.


  • Cattleya is an online boutique dedicated to locally made, high quality home ware.Their pieces are unique, diverse, practical, and chic. In addition, they can customize items to your own unique taste. Their products are also dishwasher & microwave safe (except for gold-plated items).
  • Order your unique, handmade home ware now from Patchouli Home.

Introducing Scandinavian-designs

  • It's high time to share a friendly moment, around a nice aperitif, in love, with your partner or small family while staying home, it's up to you!
  • The tray by is as aesthetic as it is functional. It offers a borrowed form of Scandinavian design, whose hexagons dissociate themselves from the tray to use under glasses. The raw aspect of the tray is voluntary and assumed.

Kilim is a mesmerizing Egyptian product that enriches the Boho-chic style & adds a touch of authenticity to it. 

  • That's why we couldn't miss the opportunity to bring you an Egyptian brand that knows Klim like no other.

Do you have solid-colored walls that need a whimsical touch?

  • Then Polca designs is the brand you need 😉. Polca Designs goal is to fill every home with colors and happiness. Colors make the world a happy place.They offer a variety of products that use weaving of threads to create lamps ,wall-hangings, and home accessories.

How do you add some Rustic Coastal touches to your summer house ?

  • At Patchouli Home, we aim to help you make your home cozy with the small details and touches you can add to it through different home accessories. That is why we bring you Breeze with their sea-inspired, unique home accessories.
  • They offer a variety of products from nature-decorated mirrors, multi-purpose boxes, shelves, to frames and book holders.

Macrame wall-hanging is a perfect home accent for adding a statement of texture and color to a room.

  • A handmade bohemian macrame and Hippie inspired wall hanging will add layers of interest to any blank wall. Will fit nicely into a living room, bedroom, kitchen or dorm room. This wall hanging is perfect for adding a statement of texture and color to a room. It can also function in the place of a headboard, as an interesting and unique decoration above a bed.
  • Great gift for yourself, or someone you love! Unique item for Holiday gifts or a new apartment decor.


Introducing new scented products #botanical-wax

  • We love hanging these beautiful Botanical Wax Sachets in our closet, not only does it bring some freshness to our closet, but also can be a pretty home décor. Also, it would make a nice fragrance and lasting scent whether your summer house or in your car.


Are you looking for a silent companion? Do you love nature but don't get the chance to visit it often?

  • Don't worry, Patchouli Home has the answer. We bring you @root.couture to add pieces of nature to your home.
  • They offer fine natural plant art and handmade assortments for home, office, gifts, and giveaways.Their potted plants are perfect for the indoors with direct or indirect sun light. Even outside plants make your space feel more personal and lively. Bring home some character, big or small, with our plants and pots.


Reviving artistic embroidery to make a new refresh to your home decor! 

  • Zarkasha is a specialized hub for producing unique handmade, embroidered, furnishing items.
  • They offer a wide variety of items from cushions, curtain headers, bed runners, banquettes, to lampshades and other products. They can help in creating a whole-themed room or re-furbish furniture to give your homes a new spirit. Order your unique, handmade embroidered pieces now from Patchouli Home.

Stay Tuned for more Summer Collection and Deco Hacks with Patchouli Home..

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