Patchouli Home: Beliefs and Values

Patchouli Home: Beliefs and Values

What we can promise to offer you = What we believe in”
While entirely staffed and managed by women, we fully promote gender balance and believe that women empowerment and inclusion in the decision-making process is key to sustainable development.

 Patchouli Home culture can be described as:

  • inspirational,
  • entrepreneurial,
  • positive, and innovative – with full autonomy and growth mindset.
  • giving, supporting and empowering.

1. WE DESIRE TO INSPIRE YOU: “Our inspiration is our DNA to follow our dream”

  • We follow our inspiration to use electric rainbow colors, mix patchwork and patterns and distinctive motifs to create Patchouli, and then transfer, our inspiration to customers by stimulating their thoughts, make them visually excited about the brand and emotionally connected with it, whether by our:
  •  immensely bright and colorful composition,
  • art and geometric patchwork designs,
  • tropical nature inspiration,
  • hippie’s vintage style (Patchouli earthy scent) inspiration, mixed patchwork, whimsical motifs and exotic details.

2. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION PASSION: “We value and promise to offer an exceptional, memorable and joyful customer journey”

  • We believe in authenticity, transparency and being ourselves, so we use our genuine personalities and customer service passion to feed our spiritual energy and offer you in return an exceptional, memorable and joyful customer journey.
  • We believe in offering direct value at an individual level. We highly encourage our customers' feedback and we experiment often to offer versatile and agile response. Our model is not about just loyalty as a conclusion – but with the goal of giving the consumer a reason to emotionally connect, engage and return! 


  • We believe in collaboration, networking and maintaining win-win relationships by offering collaborative business opportunities to many female entrepreneurs, start-ups and young freelancers.
  • We also enjoy mentoring and providing entrepreneurial support and capacity building to young females so as to help them unleash their potential and increase their self-independence.
  • We’ll continue our relationships with humanitarian organizations, finding new and improved ways to partner together, and contribute towards a wide range of initiatives, impacting the lives of women and young female communities.






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