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Eclectic Memphis Inspired Design: Summer 2021 Home Linens: Home Decor Trends 2021

Reviving the bold colours and geometric patterns of the 1980s Patchouli Home #summer2021collection designs are inspired by an eclectic home style which is the mix/revival of #midcenturystyle #farmhousestyle and #minimaliststyle.. Its about combining the #aesthetic elements of all together which we consider at #patchoulihome our fun part when we play patterns and colors🤩🤩 and the #modernmemphis design movement is about reviving the bold colours and geometric patterns of the 1980s. Our concept design here is going BOLD, AND PLAYFUL, as we are inspired by both, eclectic home style which is about choosing the best elements of different styles and memphis design trend which is about #geometricpatterns and #colorblocking technique which is about combining a few different colors together in large,...

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Patchouli Home: Styling and Design Webinar

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A BOHO-CHIC HOME??? YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO: 1- FREE one-to-one consultation sessions on demand. 2- 20% OFF on 2D/3D Customized Interior Design Plan and Sketching Model for all furniture using *PATCHOULIDESIGNTALKS* PROMO CODE ! 3- Latest hacks and international trends on different types of interior designs. 4- Besides, extra Reviews, References and PROMOCODES on the right accessories for your home interiors whether its bohemian, hippie-inspired, boho-chic, new modern, contemporary or Scandinavia, rustic...etc 5- General tips for furniture arrangements, color palettes, wall paintings, and fabrics matchmaking.

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