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Patchouli Home: Space Organizing and De-cluttering Service

Organize your wardrobe, your kitchen, your kids messy racks with Patchouli Home. Now, we can make your life easier by contacting us where one of our team will come to your home and organize your wardrobe in few hours. Making your home space feel alive and make you save time, effort while giving your area a cheerful, neat and well organized look.

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Why start thinking of Toddler Floor Bed, Kids Montessori Beds?

Beds inspired by the general principles that make up the Montessori Method. A Montessori bed is simply a bed or mattress on the floor. A floor bed is used because it allows the child independence and ownership over their environment. Parents typically transition their child to a floor bed between 5-10 months of age, although some begin as early as 2 months. Young children feel “cocooned” and comforted inside this roof structure and the neutral, minimal design goes with everything. A Scandinavian house bed gives the nursery a Scandinavian look with this trendy, functional piece in natural wood. A great place for baby to sleep or play. There are many benefits to setting up a floor bed for your child:...

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Eclectic Memphis Inspired Design: Summer 2021 Home Linens: Home Decor Trends 2021

Reviving the bold colours and geometric patterns of the 1980s Patchouli Home #summer2021collection designs are inspired by an eclectic home style which is the mix/revival of #midcenturystyle #farmhousestyle and #minimaliststyle.. Its about combining the #aesthetic elements of all together which we consider at #patchoulihome our fun part when we play patterns and colors🤩🤩 and the #modernmemphis design movement is about reviving the bold colours and geometric patterns of the 1980s. Our concept design here is going BOLD, AND PLAYFUL, as we are inspired by both, eclectic home style which is about choosing the best elements of different styles and memphis design trend which is about #geometricpatterns and #colorblocking technique which is about combining a few different colors together in large,...

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