Patchouli Home: Summer Cotton Coverlets

Patchouli Home: Summer Cotton Coverlets


This coverlet is ideal as a summer lightweight quilt/bedspread. Sleep in warmth and comfort nightly with this cotton bedspread. It features a colorful vibrant look with its pastel colors and provides a contemporary and modern style. This bedspread is lightweight, providing plenty of comforts and helps you receive a restful night's sleep, making it a perfect fit for any home decor refresh in SUMMER.

Besides, our standard convenient size for the coverlet makes it very functional, in addition to its reasonable and affordable cost, whether you would bring one to you or bring 2, one for yourself and 1 for your beloved partner or child.

Since we are colors crush and always keep an eye towards the international trends and up to date, fashionable inspirations and color trends for the year, we have introduced a variety of pastel colors for SUMMER 2020 coverlets which is highly desired by all generations. We were also keen to launch our featured cotton sateen fitted/flat sheets including but not limited to these pastels color palette (Millennial Pink, Cashmere, Salmon/Rose, Apricot, and Cafe colors), so we can meet our customers ongoing demand and day-to-day basic needs.

Haven't you already checked them? Don't miss it!!!! Since our cotton sateen sheets are also one of the most featured bed sets that is a MUST TO FIND in any home!

At Patchouli Home, our wholesale approach is different than other wholesalers, we tend to achieve an operational excellence with our flexible and efficient process.

We also ensure to satisfy our customers exclusive needs and different tastes, by always welcoming any customized orders at any required quantity, while ensuring smooth delivery to your doorstep and worldwide shipping.

Our desire is to inspire our customers, partners and vendors with the whole shopping journey while creating a joyful, memorable and satisfying experience!




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