Patchouli Featured Bedding: Asianspire Collection

Give your bedroom the care and attention it deserves with the high quality ultra-soft cotton satin - rich bedding set which features a gorgeous trendy, boho-chic designs in a mixed range of luxurious colors, whether in an ultra-modern, boho-chic interior or a more contemporary style bedroom.




Our Boho-chic Bedding Collection: "The Mandala Pattern":

"The mandala really is: ... the Self, the wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well is harmonious." - Carl Jung
The Mandala design is created with elaborate, symmetrical shapes in a circular manner.

The Mandala is at the heart of the boho-chic style. It has become a worldwide sensation from coloring books to wall tapestries for its relaxing effect.
If you want to add a boho-chic touch to your home, you might want to start with something as simple, yet mesmerizing, as the Mandala pattern.

Our Asian-inspired summer collection is on fire; just like this is the season for renewal and rebirth, it is time to create a trendy look that makes you want to stay indoors to enjoy it. . But how? Fear not!

At, Patchouli Home is here to the rescue 😉😉 . Check out this sample of our #Asianinspired #bohochicdesigns, where we mix up some of our favorite colors with some of the New York Fashion Week Summer 2020 palette, to really see how these colors can be incorporated together.



The "Mumbai Elephant Pattern":

The "Boho Colorful Abstract Pattern":

The Asian Tropical-inspired Pattern:


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Bright addition to my dining table

Bought this lovely set of placemats and matching runner yesterday..looove the color, design and quality of fabric..added a much needed splash of color! Loved the quick delivery, day!

Amazing taste and quality

The runners and placemats' colors are amazing and joyful. I love the the quality of the prints and the fabric. They are much more prettier than the images.
Honestly perfect.

Very well made

I love it


Purchased the fitted sheets. Everything is good - size, quality. Looks really nice on the bed. And service is great! Highly recommended!


I’m so satisfied with this purchase. Got it together with the bedsheets to complete the set. Good quality and looks so elegant. And service is great. Thank you a lot Patchouli team