Shop the look: Patchouli Inspiring Mood Boards

Shop the look: Patchouli Inspiring Mood Boards

2022 Inspiration: Monochrome with a touch of Pastel!

When you want to renovate your home, choosing the right color scheme can be a hassle. Do I go for the latest trends or do I pick a certain theme?

How about having the best of both worlds?

Our interior design tip this season is to keep it simple, elegant, and trendy, all at the same time.

As Patchouli Home is always keen on bringing you the latest trends, we have expanded our family to include Egyptian brands with a complementing vibe to our Boho-Chic inspired style.

And fear not! We’re also providing a guide on how to “Mix & Match” different products to achieve that Boho-Chic look and keep up with the latest trends of 2020.

Allow us to show you how:

Monochromatic color schemes are timeless.

Minimalist neutral colors, like white or black, are the most common recipes for a classy monochromatic look; but did you know that you can have a sophisticated, vibrant summer splash of colors while maintaining a monochromatic look?

Just play around with different shades, tints, and tones of the same color. Is that all?

Not really. Don’t forget to throw in that pastel shade for the perfect summer vibe.

Here we will give you a visual tour through our very own inspiration boards:

First, we have the Purple Extravaganza theme.

Purple was once one of the rarest pigments in history. Only royalty could afford it, and that’s why it became known as the color of lavish sophistication, and luxurious settings.

1- Combine purple with shades of pink.

2- Contrast it with blue and green accents.

3- Make sure you have that lilac pastel which is a 2020 Fashion Week show-stopper.

Choose pieces that have intricate details, and patterns. And now you have the perfect richness of purple mixed with the playfulness of summer.

If you prefer cool colors, we suggest you go for the Tropical Ocean theme.

Blue is the color of the clear sky, the open waters, and the lively outdoors, in general. If you want to add more space to the interiors of your home, blue shades and tones are the perfect choice.

1- Choose a classic shade of blue.

2- Play with different tints to give it that extra pop.

3- Accentuate with neutral, earthy browns & yellows for that effortlessly natural look.

We imagine you can now experience the refreshing sensations of a trip to the seaside without leaving your room. 

Presenting the Millennial Neutral Chic theme.

Millennial pink is making a comeback in 2020. Why not let it be the center of your color scheme?

Unlike the assumption that pastels have to be light and bright shades, there are many palettes for dark, grounded pastels.

1- Use neutral beige with Millennial Pink.

2- Accentuate with deep, rich maroon and fuchsia, or add a pop of vibrant turquoise.

3- Incorporate reflective mirrors, glinted pieces, or metallic motifs.

This will add an air of elegance to your room’s color scheme.

A final tip:

'As you spend more time at home, adding potted plants, seashells, or wooden decorations can help balance out negative energy and lift your mood.'

Also make sure you pay attention to having continuous fresh air source to the rooms you spend the most time in, and maybe throw in a couple of scented candles to help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Which color theme reflects your personality the most? Extravagant Purple, Tropical Ocean, or Millennial Chic? Let us know in the comments.

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