Why start thinking of Toddler Floor Bed, Kids Montessori Beds?

Why start thinking of Toddler Floor Bed, Kids Montessori Beds?

Beds inspired by the general principles that make up the Montessori Method.

A Montessori bed is simply a bed or mattress on the floor. A floor bed is used because it allows the child independence and ownership over their environment. Parents typically transition their child to a floor bed between 5-10 months of age, although some begin as early as 2 months.

Young children feel “cocooned” and comforted inside this roof structure and the neutral, minimal design goes with everything. A Scandinavian house bed gives the nursery a Scandinavian look with this trendy, functional piece in natural wood. A great place for baby to sleep or play.

There are many benefits to setting up a floor bed for your child:

1- They support a child's gross motor skills and body awareness.

From birth, as per market studies, the baby makes small movements and can turn almost 360 degrees.If you observe, you might notice that when they encounter the edge of the bed, they move back and don't drop off. This sense of their body within space is enhanced by using a floor bed.

3- They can boost your child's confidence and helps them develop their sleep independence

Most children transition out of a crib around the age of 2 or 3, once they're able to put their leg at the top of the crib rail. It's around this time it's safe to consider a floor bed. Moving your child to a floor bed will help them avoid injuries from crib falls while assuring the child will be less likely to sustain any injuries from the floor bed itself, such as from rolling.

4- It creates space for bonding.

A parent can lie with them, breastfeed them, without the disturbance of getting them out of bed.

5- They're easy to put together and affordable.

You can make a floor bed as simple or as elaborate as you like.

While it can be scary to think of leaving your child alone without anything holding them in during sleep time, floor beds have many benefits that do not compromise safety, so long as a few extra precautions and safety measures are already checked. Before introducing a floor bed, parents should get low to the ground at the child’s level and remove potential hazards that would be within the child’s reach, such as covering outlets, removing wires, and securing furniture to the walls.


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