Cotton Jacquard Bedding: 100% Luxury Cotton

Cotton Jacquard Bedding: 100% Luxury Cotton

Description: Give your sleep space an elegant update with our new cotton Jacquard bedding collection. Each piece is made on a Jacquard loom from top-notch cotton yarns with our trendy textures and patterns woven into the fabric base rather than printed on top top to give these linen beauties a subtle textured look and luxurious feel 

Material: 100% Cotton

Size and Dimensions: Fits 160/180 beds, a set of 2 pillow cases (50*70) and flat bedsheet (240*220)

Available Colors: 

  • Off-white Pearl Luxury
  • Moka Marble
  • Epoch
  • Grizzle Gray
  • Feathers Champagne






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