• Patchouli was founded in May 2019 by a couple of young millennial entrepreneurs – Ms. Shahdan Zahran, and Ms. Nihal El Attar.

  • Patchouli’s idea was provoked from Shahdan intuition, willingness and belief of shifting the focus towards the new young generation tastes (Millennials and GenZ) while, reshaping the consumer shopping experience during this rapid generational changes – moving from traditional, outdated, and repetitive home textiles’ designs – to more distinctive, trendy, and unconventional designs!
  • Before founding Patchouli, Shahdan used to work in the private sector as an HR Professional for more than 8 years, where she had the opportunity to join many reputable international organizations in the market. Afterwards, she decided to use her inspiration, creativity and determination to purse her passion for home décor and exotic interior designs.
  • On the contrary, Nihal used to be one of the managing partners in a private business where she had the talent of managing projects, networking, marketing and events planning, as well as, her knack of getting the right people in, until she decided to make a living out of her passion and joined Shahdan throughout Patchouli’s journey.
  • Born and raised in Egypt and even though they did not come from Art background, Shahdan and Nihal had their own exceptional taste in interior design and home decoration. Besides, Shahdan deep inspiration with famous international trends, Patchouli came from Shahdan passion with colorful home fabrics, distinctive artwork designs, as well as, tropical nature and hippie vintage style (Patchouli is hippie’s favorite earthy aroma and oil fragrance), which has stimulated Shahdan and Nihal to run the race towards their purpose.
  • Furthermore, Shahdan and Nihal has a lot of common traits, challenging mindsets and interpersonal skills, which contributed to transferring Patchouli from just an idea on paper – into real brand. They have a professional, dynamic attitude in common, high sense of responsibility and giving personality, which helped them throughout their journey. In addition to their genuine personalities, Shahdan and Nihal demonstrate strategic vision skills, planning and organizing, as well as marketing and advertising competencies which added value to their behavioral skills and helped them stay grounded and create a strong bond while growing patchouli. Moreover, their competitive edge lies in their compassion with art, home décor and customer-service compassion where they ensure emotional connection and sincere engagement with their customers.
  • In addition to that, Shahdan and Nihal are active members of Zahraa-Women Association for community socio-development activities, where they have participated together in several local exhibitions in Egypt for hand-made products and home fabrics (bedding sheets, towels and home accessories), which helped increasing their awareness towards the market needs, understanding shopping consumer behaviors, as well as, leveraging their hands-on experience capability.
  • Patchouli’s idea evolved when Shahdan recognized a market gap in meeting young generation shopping expectations (Millennials and Gen Z), whose major population has reached a significant purchasing power and marked an impact on the consumer marketplace. Being one of those millennials, Shahdan and Nihal leveraged such opportunity by creating (Patchouli) – where they decided to cope with the rise of fast-fashion landscape and provide trendy colorful home textiles with unique designs.



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