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Anise Oil: Pure Essential Oil

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Ranked as one of the top herbs and spices for healing. Anise, is also known as aniseed or Pimpinella anisum, is a plant in the Apiaceae family that is closely related to carrots, parsley and celery. The anise plant is native to the Mediterranean as well as Southwest Asia but is grown and used around the world. The plant can grow to be over three feet tall and produces white flowers as well as an oblong fruit known as anise seed. The anise taste is very distinct and often compared to licorice, fennel and star anise. Anise is frequently used as a flavoring for teas, desserts and liquors. Historically, it was also valued for its medicinal properties and used to treat everything from flatulence to menstrual pain. It’s also known for its powerful health-promoting properties and acts as a natural remedy for a wide variety of ailments, including improved blood sugar levels, decreased menopause symptoms and even protection against stomach ulcers. Anise may also be associated with improved breast milk production, protection against insects, a reduced risk of seizures and increased urine flow. Sensera Aromatherapy will walk you step by step through the benefits of Anise oil and how to include its calming effects in your daily rituals.