Patchouli Home Sensera oils Relax Blend body set

Relax Blend body set

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Products included: Massage oil - Mood booster

Massage oil

A mix of pure, natural, and therapeutic oils with a relaxing, fruity & floral fragrance used for massaging your body and problematic areas leaving you less stressed, more relieved while nourishing your skin, and promoting youthful complexion.

Size: 90ml   

Aroma: Relaxing, Floral, Deep Aromatic, Citrus, Smooth, Rosy, Fruity, and Amber.

Product uses:

1. Anti-inflammatory & natural pain killer properties: This increases blood flow, balance, and regulates hormone levels which relieve discomforts associated with inflammation, headaches, menstruation, and low libido.

2. Boost mood and improve sleep

3. Enhance relaxation and stimulate emotional balance

4. Aid digestion, combat loss of appetite and indigestion


Mood booster:

 A mix of pure, natural, and therapeutic oils with a relaxing fragrance used on pulse points and behind the ears to enhance the mood and promote a positive state of mind

Size: 30ml  . 

Color: clear colorless to amber yellow

Aroma: Relaxing, Floral, Deep Aromatic, Citrus, Smooth, Rosy, Fruity, and Amber 

Product uses:

1. Treats anxiety and depression alleviating tension.

2. Boost the mood has the ability to improve and support brain function.

3. Calming properties to give you a better night’s sleep in terms of length and quality. 4. Uplifting, awakening, and re-energizing the mind.

5. Boost concentration which is required for active learning, problem-solving, and improving perception. 6. Boost energy.



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Bright addition to my dining table

Bought this lovely set of placemats and matching runner yesterday..looove the color, design and quality of fabric..added a much needed splash of color! Loved the quick delivery, day!

Amazing taste and quality

The runners and placemats' colors are amazing and joyful. I love the the quality of the prints and the fabric. They are much more prettier than the images.
Honestly perfect.

Very well made

I love it


Purchased the fitted sheets. Everything is good - size, quality. Looks really nice on the bed. And service is great! Highly recommended!


I’m so satisfied with this purchase. Got it together with the bedsheets to complete the set. Good quality and looks so elegant. And service is great. Thank you a lot Patchouli team